Crypto Group Coaching
Have a trusted authority to “hold your hand” in helping you navigate the increasingly complex landscape of digital assets through small group coaching and get all of your questions answered. 
VJ Anma, Community Founder & Thought Leader of Redwoods, will cover these topics and more:
  • Investment strategies that generate more than 20% APY
  • Why you need to pay attention to this emerging asset class
  • ​The recent innovations in DeFi


Mathieu A

"In just over two months, I feel very comfortable in doing trades, doing research, and understanding the investments we’re making, and also managing the former."

Marta P

"I have gained so much knowledge around crypto that I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own."


"In just 60 short days, I’ve done two things. One is I’ve increased my knowledge…and then I’ve also performed those transactions and I have the confidence to perform those transactions."
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We are NOT financial advisors. We cannot make individual recommendations for you. What we are offering is to teach about Blockchain technology and how to identify investment opportunities. You are responsible for your own taxes. The tax laws are constantly changing. We are intimately familiar with these laws due to our experience with developing crypto tax software. We will have some recommendations on best practices and tools to use.